Bookkeeping Port Macquarie Shane Louise Roberts Bookkeeping Service

Shane Louise Roberts


Accounts Payable (Creditors)
Invoice entry and payment. Make sure Supplier invoices are paid on time so that you can maintain a good reputation and your line of credit.

Accounts Receivable (Debtors)
Invoice entry, End of month Customer statements. Make sure that your hard work is Invoiced and sent out ASAP. The sooner this happens
the sooner your hard earned money is in your account.

Bank Reconciliation (and Credit Card Reconciliation)
Receipting, payments and expenditure entry and reconciling to your bank and credit card statements.

Weekly or fortnightly payroll and Annual Payment Summaries. Make sure you are compliant with industry awards and statutory requirements. Retain your current system or set up and enable electronic payments to get staff paid quickly and easily.

Prepare and lodge monthly or quarterly Superannuation using the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House, or your preferred Clearing House and ensure you are SuperStream compliant.

Process Reviews
Review and recommend processes to minimise or where possible completely eliminate risk to your business. Simplify your processes to save time and money.

Dependant on your preference I will ensure an efficient paper based and/or electronic filing system for your Financial documentation to ensure you are compliant with Statutory requirements and importantly make it easy to find any documents you require quickly.